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Providing an intimate experience of history,  heritage, and home. 

Experience the warmth and charm of life as it was lived by a small-town doctor.  Dr. Thomas R. Kerr, his wife Jessie, and daughter Virginia lived in their gracious home in Oakmont, a quaint town outside of Pittsburgh that provided an escape from the often harsh conditions of life in the city. The museum portrays middle-class family life in the late nineteenth century. This period was marked by the extremes of fabulous wealth and grinding poverty which overshadowed the emerging middle class.


Four Seasons of Victorian Fashion & Accessories

Four Seasons of Victorian Fashion & Accessories


Four Seasons of Victorian Fashion and Accessories is the next exhibit at the Kerr Museum starting January 11 and continuing through May 16, 2020.  Learn how Victorian women accessorized through the year with gloves, bonnets, caplets, heavy jewelry, lace-up boots, and enormous hats with exotic plumes. Men wore spats, sack coats, pocket watches, tie pins, straw boaters, and vests and carried walking canes. It was definitely a more formal time when attention to detail was of the utmost importance!! 


Four Seasons of Victorian Fashion & Accessories

January 11, 2020, through May 16, 2020

Oakmont Antique Show - Canceled 

March 13 - 15, 2020

Oakmont Country Club 

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